Scotland: 11/10-11/12

Our train departed at 6 am on a cold Friday morning in November. My roommates and I packed up the last of our suitcases and headed off to catch our train to Edinburgh. As I slid in to my seat next to the window, I was fully prepared to take a little 4 hour nap. Much to my surprise, I got caught up in the beautiful landscapes of the United Kingdom and took hundreds of pictures. When we arrived in Edinburgh, we checked in to our hostel and started out on our excursion to explore. We hiked up the hill to see the Edinburgh castle, through the streets to see the Scott monument, and beyond Princes street up Calton Hill to see the vast cityscape of Edinburgh. Words can’t describe the aesthetic wonders and history of the capital of Scotland in the Northern UK. We left early the next morning to head to Lochness. On the way, we stopped at some sights along the highlands. The best time to go, in my personal opinion, was fall because we were able to see the foliage of the leaves and the grass was still bright green. The contrast of colors was utterly breathtaking. As we arrived in Loch Ness, I was surprised to see how small the town was. It surely allowed for appreciation of the wildlife in the area. Although we didn’t catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster, we left with some amazing memories (and hundreds of pictures) to last a lifetime. Scotland was easily my favorite place that I visited my entire 3 months abroad.