Here’s to a Journey Down Under

FullSizeRender.jpgHi there!

My name is Jonnie Kay and I am super excited to be a apart of the global business institute in Sydney!  Currently, I am a second semester junior pursuing a degree in marketing and a certificate of entrepreneurship and innovation. In Sydney, I’ll be taking a few classes and interning at company called 25fifteen.  They are a startup incubator for new businesses who help entrepreneurs develop their ideas and give them funding and guidance.  I’ll be assisting them in acquiring new ventures and assisting my supervisor wherever needed.

I hope to gain a reinvented global perspective through my time in Australia.   This past Summer, I did a three-week program in Berlin, Germany, which was a great experience that introduced me to a completely different culture.  That being said, I’ll be spending three months in Sydney, so one of my concerns is being homesick.  Outside of that, I plan on embracing every opportunity that comes my way.  I hope to meet and become friends with locals and network with coworkers at my internship site.  Additionally, I want to travel as much as I can, domestically and potentially to another country or island over spring break.

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts!



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