January in London – Post 2 (Food)

London is full of diverse restaurants and areas but also was infamous for terrible food. Over the past few years, the reputation has changed for the better.

One of London’s finest is Brick Lane – full of vintage shops and the BEST Indian food. I’m glad to say it was my first, real experience trying the food, and probably the best I’ll have. I went to Brick Lane and tried the restaurant Aladin, then went to the vintage stores around the area. Along with Indian Food, I also went to Camden Market and had the best calamari, macaroni & cheese, and hot chocolate ever. The city is incredibly diverse and offers an immense amount of food options – I can’t wait to try them all within the few months I’m here.

I’ve been searching different London food accounts on Instagram, which has helped as a guide to try them all! I can save posts to a collection on the app that I can check back later on. I’ve had amazing desserts here too, and afternoon tea is a must.

My bucket list includes food from Chinatown, Thai food from the Churchill Arms,  Duck & Waffle to watch the sunrise in London, and more international food from the different markets.