Parks and Wildlife

As I had mentioned in my first post, a huge factor that played into why I chose Australia were the parks and wildlife. Our first excursion out did not disappoint.

This past weekend, CAPA arranged a Blue Mountains National Park & Featherdale Wildlife Park Day Trip on Saturday, February 3rd. We left at around 7:30AM and traveled about two hours west to the Blue Mountains National Park and then back east to the wildlife park. We were outside for about ten hours today, and it was amazing.

Blue Mountains National Park: We first went on a walk to see scenic view (that will NEVER get old) at Echo Point. We were able to see the Three Sisters, which is an unusual rock formation. We went on a guided hike down the Furber Steps to the floor of the Jamison Valley. This is where we were literally able to touch the Three Sisters. I must say though, this hike was a lot more intensive than I thought! There were a lot of inclines and the rain definitely made it tricky when walking up and down steps.

Katoomba: we had free time for lunch in the local town, Katoomba. I ate smoked salmon with poached eggs and hash browns (I wanted to add in my lunch because it was amazing). Katoomba was a very cool town; the area’s scenery and art-deco style shops and houses attract a lot of people. We were told that many poets, artists, and environmentalists live in Katoomba and the Blue Mountains.

Featherdale Wildlife Park: Ok. THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. We had been traveling by bus for over four hours to get to places, and we were hiking in the rain and in the heat, and I was getting tired. We went back east towards Sydney and finally arrived at this wildlife park by 3:30PM. The first animal I saw was a wombat, and I cried. Yes, I cried. I have been eagerly waiting to see the wildlife of Australia in action and today was the day. We were able to grab leaves off of nearby trees and feed them to the kangaroos (see my featured photo). If you look, the kangaroo even has a baby in her pouch!!! 

It was on my bucket list to see a quokka, which is a type of marsupial that is about the size of a house cat. Quokkas are found on smaller islands off the coast of Western Australian. I wanted to travel to Perth, but it is just too far away and I don’t have the time (it would be like going from New York to California). They are on the threatened species list.


^here is a close up of my new best friend.

I am looking forward to more parks and more wildlife. I have an ongoing list of places I want to travel while in Sydney, eastern Australia, and New Zealand. I am trying to see as many national parks as possible while here, and of course, THE WILDLIFE.