Weekend in Melbourne

This past weekend, a few friends I spent a couple of days in Melbourne, which is part of the Victoria state in Southern Australia.  Melbourne is quite different from Sydney for many reasons.  As a person who grew up in the New York metropolitan area, I appreciated the city because it is more condensed and easier to navigate around than Sydney.  As college students strapped for cash, the free trams in the Central Business District (CBD) were extremely helpful for getting around to the various sites like Federation Square or Chinatown.

Central Business District, Melbourne

In general, Melbourne is more of a “hipster” town than Sydney, which is evident in the various street art, unique boutiques, and bar scene.  In general, I felt that it was a more laid back, progressive city.  Don’t get me wrong, Sydney is great, but it definitely has a larger corporate presence and more rules surrounding night life (lock out laws–bars are required to close at designated times).

Myself accompanied by a nice graffiti backdrop 

To be honest, I really wish I could have stayed longer in Melbourne, but due to time constraints our stay was limited.  In our two days there, I wondered what it would be like to actually live and work in the city.  I felt like it was better suited for me because of its affordability compared to Sydney.  Additionally, back in New York, one of my favorite neighborhoods is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I saw some similarities between the two places.

I truly hope to visit Melbourne again, if not on this trip, maybe sometime down the road. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts from Sydney, there is some exciting content on the way!