All the Little Things

Having been in London for over a month now I am starting to realize all of the little things I thought about in the beginning as new, that I now do/ understand without thinking.

  1. Standing on the right side of the escalator when I don’t feel like walking up it: I don’t even think about it when I just immediately move to the side.

  2. Get out my oyster card 30 seconds before I get to the station entrance: I know I’m gonna need it but it’s just natural now.

  3. Immediately heading to the right when I get down the escalator at Kilburn Park Station: the southbound train is the only way we ever go, so there’s that.

  4. Hold down the toilet handle for more than 3 seconds: it takes forever to flush here people.

  5. Walking around people on the left side of the sidewalk: its just how they do it.

  6. Looking to my right when I’m walking on the left side of the road and going to cross a street: they will turn onto side streets and honk at pedestrians if you’re walking.

  7. Letting people off the tube first before getting on: I don’t think there’s anything perceived to be ruder than that in this city.

  8. Hearing “cheers” being said for literally anything: I hold the door? “cheers” Smile? “cheers” Grab an Evening Standard? “cheers”

  9. Grabbing an Evening Standard: I do the Sudoku everyday.

  10. Assuming that laundry will take more than 6 hours to do: I don’t understand this one, but our machine takes about 3 hours to do one load of laundry.

  11. Waiting 3 more days to dry all your laundry: just normal now.

  12. Signing every receipt when I use a card: International cards make you.

  13. Saying take with: nothing is “to go” here its all “take with”. Like I’d like my coffee take with.

  14. Military time: 14:00, 17:30, 22:00, got it all down.

  15. Seeing someone roll their tobacco: they all do it themselves and it seems pretty skillful.

There are so many more and I’m sure I will become accustomed to more things as time progresses. I am really starting to appreciate the little things though.