Australian Abbreviations

If I’ve learned one thing here so far, it’s that Australians abbreviate EVERYTHING. Even though we’re speaking the same language, between accents and abbreviations, some things can be very difficult to understand. Here are a few words that I’ve heard people say multiple times:

  1. Arvo- Afternoon
  2. Brekkie- Breakfast
  3. Macca’s- McDonald’s
  4. Rego- Registration
  5. Spag Bol- Spaghetti Bolognese
  6. Facey- Facebook
  7. Straya- Australia
  8. Footy- Football
  9. Sunnies- Sunglasses
  10. Cuppa- Cup of Tea
  11. Avo- Avocado
  12. Bevvy- Beverage
  13. Toastie- Toasted Sandwich
  14. Kindy- Kindergarten