Around the World in 9 Days

We survived Spring Break 2018!

Now that we are back in London it is nice to reflect back on the 9 days of traveling around Europe. I last left off leaving Prague and headed to Berlin.

Berlin was like everything I had seen before but completely different. Walking down the main streets made me feel as though I were in New York City. I can only assume after all the devastation of World War II, the Germans rebuilt most of the city completely fresh. Every building was newly designed and of modern technology. It was nothing like Rome with its intertwining stone streets and piazzas. It was nothing like Prague with its organized streets and original building structures from the Baroque time period. Finally, it was nothing like London with its mix of highly technological buildings and original Georgian structures.

Berlin was very proud of its German heritage yet very aware of the wrong that had occurred during a different regime.

The memorial for the Murdered Jewish of Europe and the Berlin Wall Memorial were both beautiful and moving. It is evident that they took the time to preserve the history in a way that is both truthful and hopeful.

I was appreciative to come home to London. I don’t think it was as clear as when I came back from Paris mostly because I realized how many more places within Europe (and outside for that matter) I still have to visit.

Not that I didn’t want to return to my newfound home in London but I felt like there was so much more out there to see and discover.

Classes have started back up again here and we are all about neck deep in work… which I should probably get back to!