Spring Break Adventures in Bali

I spent my Spring Break in Bali, Indonesia with some friends. The plane ride from Sydney was about 6 hours – long, but definitely not as long as the flight here. I have travelled to places like Bali before and yet everything felt so foreign. Our trip was planned for a week – 5 days in Ubud and 2 days in Kuta.

We stayed in a very nice Airbnb in Ubud and had our own little villa to ourselves. The place included a beautiful spa garden, rice terraces and a swimming pool. Ubud is known for its temples and tourist attractions. My favorite memories were of hiking the Rice Terraces, the Bali Swing and the Sacred Monkey Forest. The Rice Terraces were filled with beautiful green rice fields. We ended up hiking the terraces for like three hours because we got lost trying to find the exits. That part was not enjoyable – the intensive heat, sweat and hunger became too much. The Bali Swing is a huge tourist attraction filled with multiple swings that allow you to swing over the forest and river. The Sacred Monkey Forest is another popular destination filled with native monkeys roaming around.

After our stay in Ubud we travelled to Kuta. Here was less hiking and sightseeing and more relaxing. We spent our couple of days there at the roof top swimming pool and beach. It was wonderful!

Sunset from last night in Kuta

Some notes from the overall trip: The streets and sidewalks were constantly filled with motorbikes, bicycles and cars. It was so interesting to see how a single beep of the horn could mean anything from “hey I’m passing you” or watch out. Bali as a whole looked quite poor and rundown. But at the same time everyone around us looked quite happy. There were so many dogs roaming around, but it warmed my heart to see that they were healthy and some even had collars. I loved my whole experience at Bali and am hoping to go back sometime in the future.