Springtime in Vienna

Hello again!

As the weather continues to get nicer here in Vienna, a lot more stores, restaurants, and outdoor events are beginning to pop up. This has made for a very relaxing couple of weeks! The Prater, a huge historical amusement park located near campus, has finally reopened and has been a blast to enjoy all the rides and activities. In a weird way, it kinda reminded me of home a bit. The fun carnival games and roller coasters really brought back memories from when I was a kid.

What has been even more fun is relaxing outside near the Danube river and canals. Me and my friends having been frequently heading down to our favorite park to throw a frisbee and hang out. It’s an extremely popular spot for the locals to come and relax, especially on the weekends. One of the coolest parts about the part is that it is the location of the famous Vienna Donauturm, a large TV tower similar to the one in Berlin, and is my cover photo of this blog post. At the top is a super fancy restaurant that I have yet to visit, but the view is supposedly gorgeous. I know that they sell tickets solely to go up look out across the city. One of these days I will surely go up to the top to see it for myself.

This weekend I am super excited to continue my travels abroad when I head out with some of my friends to Berlin! I have always wanted to go there to explore all the history that I have learned about in my German classes, so hopefully I will have enough time to hit all the sights I want to see! I will be sure to share my experience so stay tuned!

Until next time/Bis zum nächstes mal!