Shanghai Fashion Week

If I could describe Shanghai Fashion Week in one word it would probably be surreal! I got to see a lot of people express their own style, and it was definitely something I’d like to experience again. Shanghai streetwear is so cool to me, and it’s funny because people wear sneakers with basically everything. From a suit to a casual outfit, it seems that a pair of white sneakers are essential to anyone’s wardrobe.

Shanghai Fashion Week is held twice a year, and luckily, we were able to go during the second time it was held which was right after we came back from Hangzhou. A lot of the shows were held in the popular entertainment district here called Xintiandi. It’s a pretty affluent neighborhood which makes sense because it’s one of the most expensive places to live in China.

There were many famous brands featured like Dior and Prada, and then also a lot of smaller local brands. I was especially interested in the smaller Shanghai brands, so I could get a closer look into fashion here. We went to a show hosted by a designer called Fang Yang, her brand is entitled “by FANG” and we got to see her FW18 collection.

After fashion week, they also have an event called Shanghai Fashion Weekend and it’s a bunch of exhibits and pop-up shops. Fashion Weekend was held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center (which was created to commemorate the alliance between China and the Soviet Union so it has a lot of Russian neoclassical architecture). It was really interesting! We took pictures at a ton of exhibits, and they were giving out free food and drinks around the different shops. We even saw some Chinese celebrities, except we weren’t sure what they were famous for, but they had a lot of security so we figured they were important! All in all it was an unforgettable experience, and I’m glad my friends and I stumbled upon it.