Taronga Zoo

So at the end of March, we SLEPT AT THE ZOO.

This was by far one of my favorite memories since studying abroad. It’s called Roar and Snore.

We arrived at the zoo on a Friday night and immediately started to walk around and see some animals– giraffes, elephants, frogs, monkeys, and we got to personally pet reptiles!!

The staff gave us a free meal in the dining hall and that was amazing– rice, lamb curry, lemon chicken and some bread and butter!! We saw a saltwater crocodile, red panda, tiger, and SUN BEAR. The bear was really cool. I saw one in Yellowstone, so it was cool to see one again. By this time it was dark, so we were looking at the animals through infrared light so we wouldn’t scare them.

I slept in a tent with my roommate, Julia. They fed us ice cream going to bed. I could literally hear the monkeys making sounds outside of the tent. 

We woke up at 6:40AM and had protein balls to hold us over until breakfast. The weather is getting much colder, especially in the early mornings. I had leggings on and a sweatshirt on!! I feel like I have been spoiled these past few months in terms of the weather. I’m really going to miss the warm weather!!

We got to do another “behind the scenes” activity where we FED GIRAFFES (the featured image is an action shot of me feeding the female giraffe). It broke my heart to hear that giraffes have become endangered!! 

My favorite part of the day (next to feeding a giraffe!) was going into the nocturnal cave. There were so many small rodents and they really made me miss my rats that are back at home. We even talked to the keeper of those animals and he talked about their diets and stuff like that. 

We had a light breakfast of fruit and croissants, and THEN WE had the rest of the day to explore, which was amazing. My friend and I went to the seal show at 11AM, which was just incredible.


This was one of the seals that did tricks for us. The seal trainer talked about Certified Sustainable Seafood, MSC, and was telling us to make sure we are buying canned fish (and such) with that label. I really liked how this zoo is built around helping the animals and try to improve wildlife conservation.

Then we did a tour of the squirrel monkey exhibit. There were about fifteen monkeys hopping around. They were so quick– it was hard to follow them around. We ended the zoo day with this free-flight bird show at noon. It was really cool because, as I mentioned above about wildlife conservation, the two zookeepers were advocating passionately for donations and to spread awareness of the extinction rates of birds. At one point in the show, they were like “ah, we used to have a rat problem,” AND THEN FOUR RATS SCURRIED ALONG THE EDGE and that made me miss my rats again!!

As you can see, I love animals and I LOVED how the Roar and Snore was included in our program. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so glad I was able to say that I’ve slept in a zoo!!

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  1. I too visited the zoo but I am so sad that I didn’t get a chance to feed the giraffe as I was short on time and now I read they are endangered 😭