Ending thoughts

My last post :/

I must admit that I am excited to go back to the States and to my house in Media, Pennsylvania. I really miss my rats and my dog, Shadow. This has been an amazing semester abroad, and it definitely came with moments I will never forget.

Overall experience: the semester provided me with invaluable experience. The Pitt in Sydney program has given me the opportunity to become much more independent. Even though most people in Australia do speak in English and there were no big “culture shocks,” it was still a foreign place and I still needed to adapt.

And of course, there is the transferrable skills that I learned from having my internship at Employment Hero here. I am VERY glad that I decided to take advantage of having an internship while in Sydney. Even though it wasn’t very intense, which I would much rather prefer, I still learned about Australia’s economy and professional skills that I would have not been able to gain otherwise.

Thursday, April 19: CAPA held a farewell dinner for us at Dove & Olive in Surry Hills, Sydney. We had a sit down dinner, which was very nice– there was much more food than I thought. We ate sirloin steak with a mashed cauliflower sauce (I asked for another one and ended up getting two!). We also had twice-cooked lamb and that was AMAZING. I also got two of those– ha!

It was at farewell dinner that it really hit me that I was leaving. I was sitting at a booth looking around at everyone also there. It’s amazing how close everyone in the program became and how a whole semester has gone by with these people. I really do hope I get the chance to see some people again. Most of the other CAPA students go to University of Minnesota, University of Arizona and University of Delaware. 

The featured image in my post is the person I became closest with on this trip. Her name is Annabelle and she goes to University of Minnesota, studying accounting and finance. We had International Finance and International Economics together.

The best part is that I am fortunate enough to have my parents visit. My parents flew here on Friday, April 20 (my program officially ended on April 21st). We have already been to Melbourne, Phillip Island, and traveled around Sydney. It’s a cool feeling to show my parents my home away from home for the past three months. 

My brother, Richard, and his girlfriend arrived on Wednesday, April 25. We are flying to Cairns, so that way I will be able to say that I did ~scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef (yes, I am a little nervous! I heard it’s scary!). My trip will end with a week in New Zealand with my parents, driving from Auckland down to Queenstown. I will be back in THE STATES on Saturday, May 5.

Even though I am very tired and excited to go back home– I am so glad I was able to study abroad in Sydney, Australia. This may have been more expensive, but I truly believe it was worth it. Plus, I’ll have an internship this summer, so hopefully I’ll be able to make some money for my ~~senior year at Pitt.

Goodbye & see you in the States!