Brand New Journey

Hello! My name is Kevin Hsieh and I am a rising senior at Pitt. I am double majoring in Accounting and Business Information System. I am originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and this is my first time traveling to the United Kingdom. I have traveled to a lot of places in the past, but I am extremely excited to visit London because of its rich history and diversity.

Besides from Academics, I am a member of Taiwanese Scholar Society, where I learned a lot about team-working and taking initiatives for several events we were working on. I had the opportunity to become the 2018 board member, and I hope that I would be able to apply what I learned in the study abroad program into leading this organization. Being part of Taiwanese Scholar Society allows me to balance academics and extracurricular activities; and connects to my mother culture more frequently during the time abroad. As the upcoming President of 2018 board member, I hope that I would be able to apply what I learned in this program to this organization.

This summer I am participating in the Pitt Global Business Institute: International Accounting Issues program. We will be taking an accounting course that focuses on the international accounting standard setting process and various other topics related to the accounting/finance area. Originally, I was going to apply to programs located in Hispanic countries because I took Spanish at Pitt for 3 years. However, I thought this particular program would greatly benefit me in the long run for understanding in the accounting theories. In the previous accounting courses at Pitt, we only learned the US standard of accounting. We did briefly go over the international IFRS standard, however, it was never the focus of those courses. At the same time, the internship opportunity included with this program would greatly improve my cultural competence and soft/hard skills. I will be working as a finance intern at a non-profit, and I can’t wait to see what the internship program would be able to offer.

Although this will not be the first time I travel abroad, I believe that with this program I would be able to learn more about Accounting, and as well as becoming independent. With the internship program, I would be able to explore the non-profit side of finance/accounting, and it would have a significant impact on whether I would be pursuing it for my future career. I am also looking forward to meeting my fellow classmates who participate in the program. This will be a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone, and I hope that this journey will be a great and fulfilling one.