IPP Pitt in Prague Internship Week 2

During this week I began my internship with the advertising company Boomerang Media. The company itself focuses on a wide range of advertising ranging from social media ads to radio and print advertisements. I started on Monday where the woman I had my interview with gave me the tour of the building where I met most of my coworkers. I was given a place to work and a Mac to begin my projects. It was then when I met my boss the head of the creative division and the other graphic designer I’d be working with for a few months. They both “interviewed me” trying to get to know what I know and what I was capable of doing. It was then after I did some basic photoshopping and got adjusted to my workspace.

On Tuesday I was given my assignments the company had gotten three offers from different companies for graphic design work. One was from the medicinal company Bayer who asked us to come up with posters for their line of dog and cat medicine that protected against fleas. The second Company was KFC who needed a radio advertisement and a new poster for their new breakfast menu. Finally, the last company we had to work with was Starbucks and what they needed was a re-usable template for a welcome poster for new employees coming into the business. Most of Tuesday was spent brainstorming what we were going to do for the Bayer project. This involved questioning what method of advertising we wanted to take I.E scare tactics, comedy, satire, web series, etc. This took a few days of deliberation. This also brought up some issues for me in America the audience has a different attitude when it comes to advertising. As well as the language barrier as we tried to come up with slogans that in English sounded good but in Czech didn’t Translate well or that lost meaning.

The rest of the week followed the same way where I would work on individual projects but we would convene for a few hours and discuss ideas we were working on and allowing creative flow to come up with ideas. By the end of the week, we had come up with a few ideas that the buyers like and a few that needed refinement. The idea that was approved was for Bayer and had pets in dangerous situations from movies the main one had a dog running away from a boulder-sized tick and warned owners about the dangers of having your dog without a flea collar. Then the KFC idea was to do one in a style similar to Banksy and Shepard Fairy with a grunge street art style.  Lastly the Starbucks reusable welcome poster I came up with an idea for a magazine poster that posted facts about the incoming employee like magazine headlines. The last two are still being worked on as we speak.

The workplace I’m at is very laid back and has a work at your own pace attitude which is very nice but also a huge challenge for me. It is so easy just to do nothing and somedays It takes a lot of effort to be creative but it seems like I’m doing pretty well for myself at the company.