The Third Week

My first three weeks in London have been amazing and eye opening. I’ve visited so many different places I sometimes forget where I’ve went! I am living in Shepard’s Bush, a residential area in the borough of Hammersmith. It is a great location to live and there are so many things to experience even in my immediate area.  I live with four other great roommates in a large flat. It has all of the basic amenities, however there is no dryer or AC which seems the be the biggest problem currently. To adapt to this we leave the windows open at night and let our clothes dry near the windows. I really enjoy the area where I live in and can’t wait to explore more of it. There’s a huge shopping mall called Westfield, a few great local pubs and a fantastic falafel shop nearby.

The commute to class is very easy, it takes four stops and one transfer to get to CAPA! CAPA is located in Kennsington, which is a beautiful area of London which has many great restaurants and stores. The transportation system is one of the best I’ve ever experienced, it’s so easy to take the tube and the bus was surprisingly nice as well. The only thing I do not like is how hot the tube is, however I’m willing to look past it because of how efficient and old the tube is.

Some of my favorite places I’ve visited so far is Southbank, Hyde Park, and Notting Hill/Portabello Road. I took a weekend trip to Edinburgh to see my childhood best friend and it was such a beautiful place, the architecture and food was my favorite art of the trip. My recent trip to Stonehenge and Bath were also history-rich trips that I really enjoyed.

So far I have stuck to my goals. I am learning so much and becoming more and more independent each day. I do miss my family and friends more than I expected but I am still always excited to go on an adventure. I feel like everyday I take on a new adventure which is what I wanted. I can’t wait to go to Sky Garden, eat more amazing food, and go to Borough Market this weekend!