The Reality of Glamour

When you think about working in arts you expect a world full of intrigue and doused in glitter. What I have realized very quickly is that there is a lot of gritty, unglamorous work and struggle behind the velvet curtain.

For example, the firm I’m working for, The Irish Modern Dance Theatre, comes off as perfect and posh to its audience. Behind the scenes, however, operating as an arts firm is no easy task. Since the firm is an arts company, it relies heavily on public funding. That being said, the firm must survive and thrive on a very limited budget. On top of that, the new age of millennials, overloading with many entertainment options, also have less interest in paying to view this sort of art form than previous generations. This combination has created a tough environment for my firm to operate in. The IMDT, along with other firms operating  in the arts industry, must find a way to capture the attention and support of consumers while using a limited budget.

There is an opportunity in this, however. In order to do this, the IMDT can engage in a rebrand and represent itself. This gives the firm the chance to engage in change and revitalize itself.

All that said, this is only a result of my first week working at the firm. After a few more weeks I’m excited to discover what other information I find.