Swing by the Spree

Week 3 ✓

My work week commenced with our weekly company check-in—outlining our tasks and goals for the upcoming week. I continued working on SEO, as well as updating the Gourmesso US product list including data such as our total costs for each product offered, net profits, and the respective profit margins. I have also begun using Google analytics for some research and have begun working with our affiliate networks. For the next few months, Gourmesso is interested in running some deals and implementing voucher codes for our customers. I was in charge of formulating the most strategic offerings to propose to the deal sites. It’s important to keep in mind the commission taken by the sites, as well as any other fees, so we are still profitable and our prices are still competitive.

It’s crucial to stay competitive, no matter the industry. By offering these various deals to our customers, we’re increasing our chances to reach new clientele and spread our brand name. Gourmesso is in the Nespresso®/Keurig® compatible coffee capsule industry. They offer an assortment of espresso, lungo, flavor, decaf, and tea capsules. They are competing against a variety of other companies—including Nespresso and Keurig themselves. One of the main challenges for Gourmesso is to not only educate customers that our coffee capsules are the cheapest alternative, but that our coffee is more than just comparable. The flavor profiles of our coffee and tea selections is impressive, and all of our capsules use coffee that is Fair trade and some are certified organic. In addition to making our capsules stand out among the rest, it is also important for us to find new customers in different markets. For example, I am currently focusing on our US market to enlighten people and prove our Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules stand out against all of the competition.

As for Amazy, there are several competitors selling similar products on Amazon, as well as on other online marketplaces. Through good customer service and positive reviews from our customers, we are able to build a good reputation for our brand and develop a sense of trust with our clientele. This industry is very interesting for a young professional like myself, because Amazon is one of—if the not the top—online marketplace in this day and age, and I am experiencing first-hand what it’s like to run an Amazon store and use Seller Central. On Seller Central, I have access to all of our inventory, purchases, and shipments for the shop. It’s fascinating to manage all of this influential information; I am learning so much each and every day.

Friday was extra special, because it was the first game of the World Cup! One of my colleagues is from Portugal, so it was very fun to see how excited he was for the game. I went to watch the game at a restaurant called Vivolo olé! It’s a Spanish tapas restaurant in Mitte and was the perfect spot to watch the match. The atmosphere was very lively and energetic—a football lover’s dream!

Vivolo olé!

After an eventful game and a 3-3 final score, we walked along the Spree and stumbled across a swing dance floor. There were many couples dancing, and they were all quite good. I’ve never experienced something like that in Pittsburgh. The energy was so lighthearted and relaxed. I enjoyed the atmosphere, and even did some dancing myself. What I lack in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm.

Strandbar Mitte

There was also an area overlooking the Spree for people to sit and relax. It was beautiful with the lights reflecting off the water. Overall, the night was dazzling.RodakS5On Saturday, I did some exploring in Kreuzberg, as well as Mitte. I was on the hunt to find the coolest vintage stores in Berlin. The Berlin fashion scene is very interesting and I love the unique styles of the clothes. I visited a few shops: Sing Blackbird, Isabel Goudie, Das Neue Schwarz, Made in Berlin, and Pick’nWeight. They all exuded an eclectic vibe with each piece having its own personality. The neighborhoods as a whole were both very upbeat and artsy. Graffiti paints the streets of Kreuzberg. The area is trendy, and I love the energy. By far one of my favorite places to explore.

RodakS4After making my way from Kreuzberg to Mitte, I ran into some of my Pitt friends, and we had dinner at a Korean restaurant called YamYam Berlin. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of spice, but I ordered the Dak Bokum, a spicy chicken rice bowl, and it was so yummy. I will definitely have to make my way back there before I leave.

Today was the first match for Germany, and it was exciting indeed. I went to a restaurant in the Tiergarten to watch the game and everyone’s spirits were high. I was amazed how many people came out to support Germany’s national team. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring home a victory, but I am hopeful for our next match.

I have another week of work ahead, but on Thursday I will be leaving for Prague! My tickets are booked and the Airbnb is lined up. I’m excited to take this adventure to the Czech Republic! That’s all for now. Tschüss!