Analyzing My Own Explorations

After being in London for almost five weeks now, I am starting to see it in a different light. My urban studies class that I am currently taking also led me to see London as what it is, a great and complex global city. In class and what I’ve seen from exploring I learned both negative and positive things that make up London. London has a slightly dark history about poverty and prejudice, as we learned from the inhabitants of Brick Lane and Brixton. Learning about what had happened in these areas is sad but an important part of London’s history. There are positive things that make London a very attractive global city such as the art and history in Shoreditch and the British Museum. I feel this is a very analytical way of looking at things, and I think these kind of analysis only comes with the help of classes and my experiences with London.

As for the exploring aspect, I am really trying to push myself to see more and do more. I am proud of what I have accomplished already but I still have a little more on my list! Some things I did on my own that I’ve been wanting to see is going to Trifalger square, Baker Street, Borough Market and Tower of London

. It is a good feeling to go and explore somewhere that you’ve wanted to go and to push yourself to go. My favorite place this week was Borough Market, it was recommended to me by a few people and I love it! Being a big foodie this was the perfect place for me. There was all different kinds of baked goods, cheeses, drinks, pasta and expensive cuts of meats. I would highly suggest it for anyone because there are so many things to pick from you could definitely find something you like. After Borough Market you can easily walk to the South Bank and walk along the river Thames! I also went to Stratford and Oxford on the CAPA day trip which is another few locations I wanted to go before I left.

I still have yet to go to Tate Modern, see the changing of the Guard and go to Brighton Beach. I am excited for the rest of my week which will be definitely filled with exploring these areas. While at these various locations I love reading about the history and importance of that area to London. I think this curiosity came with my Urban studies class and my own self interest. I will be back next week to talk about the final things I did and what else I have learned about London.