Spreadsheets, Condoms, and Spreadsheets of Condoms.

Being an intern, I have been doing a lot of “intern” work. I’ve made a spreadsheet for the delivery times, delivery fees, regular price, and links to the suppliers page- for vacuum bags. I did the same for a station to charge multiple tablets with. I have troubleshooted a computer that I spent about a week running between different stores and trying to fix, which then ended in me making a spreadsheet like the above for a used computer. I have emailed multiple organizations, to confirm a date and a time. I have spent hours taking inventory and packing literally thousands of condoms and packets of lubricant for a sexual wellbeing campaign. I have gone on hours of “x acquisition tasks” X being anything from freshly printed promotional materials to trash bags and toilet paper.

Spending two weeks doing this, I can’t say I didn’t become extremely frustrated. I came here to learn marketing, and I have to go make a spreadsheet for something that I could have just sent a link for. well I can tell you one thing, I can now make one hell of a spreadsheet. I now feel more comfortable that ever sending a professional email. I understand the utility and work that goes into the operations of an advertising campaign. I can finally not lie when an interviewer asks if I’m a “detail oriented person.” And I can tell you one thing, I can absolutely take inventory of 26,000 condoms.