die Weltmeisterschaft


I am writing this one a little early. This weekend I will be going to Slovakia, so I wanted to take care of this before hand. Not a whole lot has happened, but I will fill you in.

Nothing really new with work. I am continuing to work with Matthes to create some valuable content for the website. I enjoy working with him. As stated earlier, the direct communication is so much better than the American stuff I’ve dealt with. This weekend an article I “ghost-wrote” for him should be published on one of Microsoft’s enterprise blogs that deals with discrete manufacturing. Hopefully when I show up for work next week it will be live.

Even though I am seeking a career in IT now, this experience has been so valuable because I am learning so much everyday about the industry of enterprise software. There is so much from my information systems class that has crossed right over into my job, and it gives me a lot of hope for the future. I do not think that there’s anywhere else I could help in “IT” because I cannot program and the technical support staff seems pretty full.

This week I watched both World Cup semi-final matches at the Brandenburg Gate. It was crazy to me because there really were not a ton of police, and everyone was really well behaved. In the United States, there is no chance they would have a public viewing of a sporting event outside a monument of that much importance. It is also cool to watch both of those matches and have a team to root for. Fortunately for me, I was able to root for France and Croatia in their respected matches because I had made French and Croatian friends here in Berlin. I think the most rewarding part of watching the World Cup here is just seeing all people come together for one thing. It is crazy to think that literally the whole world is watching. It is also funny that I came to Germany during their worst World Cup performances ever… and the US didn’t even qualify.

After the Croatia game… which was awesome by the way… there was there was a crazy storm that passed through. If the game did not go into extra time, I would’ve been fine, but things do not always work out this way. It was honestly a ton of fun just running through the street to get to trains and buses in giant crowds. Everyone was soaked. Had a couple cool conversations. There was a Lebanese couple that was really nice. Got home late, but I did not mind.

I am sure you’re wondering why I am going to Slovakia. As it turns out, I do indeed have another random connection through music and the internet. It just so happens that I know someone who runs a record label near Bratislava, and I have worked with them in the past through the internet. They actually bought some of my artists’ physical music before and distributed it in Europe. I wrote him a letter in the package too, and we have supported each other for about 2 years now. He is having a big event, and I wanted to come through since I was only a bus ride away. He is letting me sleep on his couch. I am so excited for  the weekend.

*I was originally going to go to Amsterdam this weekend, but I changed my plans since I figured I would get more out of going to Slovakia and meeting someone over music.

Cannot wait to fill you guys in next week. Talk soon.

– Connor