Two more weeks left!

It has been approximately six weeks since I first started working for Unbank Ventures. And I have only two more weeks left. Time flies! I remember the day when I first came in to the workplace. Everything was not familiar to me and I didn’t know what to do. I felt like it’s hard to ask questions every time because my boss was always so busy or on a phone call. I had to figure out how to do things. For example, my boss first told me to do a research on FinTech or blockchain companies and make a list of the people from the companies with their emails. But he didn’t tell me how. I had to find out the way. First, I just started typing ‘FinTech companies list’ on Google. Then, I was introduced to a website called Crunchbase that tells you what area the company is involved in. And for finding emails, I used an application called Clearbit. I found ways of doing things by myself. And my boss was happy about that. I feel like I am good at figuring out things by myself. I hope to use this talent in the future for my future work.

I also should use two different CRM programs as I mentioned last time. Plus, I am handling hundreds, or almost a thousand, emails right now on Gmail. I sent out about 3,000 emails until now and now I am replying back to provide them with company information. I also follow up with those people who didn’t reply. So, it is a lot of work. But working is not everything in San Francisco, and therefore, I am happy to experience lots of thing.

These days, I am building a list of banks that has more than one billion on their balance sheet. There are more than 5,000 banks in the United States and there are about 700 banks that fits in the scope. I am almost done creating the list. I am so busy everyday because this is not the only thing I do everyday. I have about 3 projects going on at the same time and I also need to follow up with so many people who replies or doesn’t reply to my email. This is a hard work, but I am happy that I am busy.

On Wednesday, all the students and their CEOs were invited to a networking event. All the people I met at the event came to San Francisco through AIC. I had such a good time and nice talk with them. And it was free food and drinks too! I felt like I was in a roof top bar. It was fun to meet many people that came here through AIC. I also met Fallon and Kenneth, the director of AIC.


Yesterday, my company held a conference. It was about how blockchain companies can succeed. About 50 people came and four people came as speakers. My work is done at 4:30, but the conference started at 6:00, so I had to stay there until the conference is over. I helped people with checking in and after the conference, cleaning up. But during the conference I also met some brilliant people from many different companies. It was a nice experience too.


I think I am going to miss working for Unbank Ventures. I actually don’t like the city San Francisco, so I don’t think I would miss the city, but I will miss the people from the company and the working experience. Again, I only have two more weeks here and I want to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish through this internship program.