The Dublin Diary: A Royal Adventure

Working in Ireland has far exceeded any expectation I could have had.  The culture of my firm is very open and their four core values – which I have helped develop since being here – are: 1) Drive Growth, 2) Strive for Excellence, 3) Create Together, and 4) Don’t Forget to LOL.  I think these values really show what my company, Stillwater Communications. is like and working for such a firm with core values that I can get behind has been really amazing.  Other firms in the industry have core values like do well by the customer, enjoy being together, and a few other basic ones.  I think it really shows how different my firm is from others.


Generally, communication companies like our rivals are very formal.  Usually, they are also highly organized and have a set of normal routines that they follow when a new client approaches them.  With our company, because we are so small and can focus on each client and provide a personalized message that really also shows the company’s personality.  My company is formally informal.  We do our best work by having fun, but we also know that sometimes in business you have to put on a nice suit.  My office is very creative and open and we look at most things in terms of story: my firm’s motto is “Helping you tell you story” because we know that the best way to share a message is to share a story.  The business I am working at has really allowed me to take on a role and get to know the industry and how my organization is different from the others.

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This past week was crazy.  On Tuesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were visiting Trinity College which is right by where I work, so my office diverted the phones and we all ran down to catch a glimpse of the royals.  They were both lovely and polite and again, I am so lucky to be abroad and have experiences like that.  Last in the week I finally visited Phoenix Park and saw the Papal Cross and Áras an Uachtaráin (the President’s House).  It was beautiful and I am happy I went because I got to read my book in a beautiful green space.  And finally, this week I traveled across the country to go and see the Cliffs of Moher which were beautiful and green! I am so lucky I get to be here and experience all of these things!