Hi, my name is Minori Hayakawa and I’m from a suburb south of Pittsburgh called Upper St. Clair. I was actually born in Japan and moved around quite a bit – Tokyo, Fox Chapel, Okayama (rural prefecture of Japan), Upper St. Clair. Because I’ve lived and experienced two distinctly different cultures, I gained interest in “globalization” which led me to choose global management as my intended major. Also, I’m most likely going to double major with accounting. I chose this program because I love traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. I also wanted to get a head start into college! Throughout my life, I’ve been to Japan, Singapore, Canada, UK, and Spain. I’ve been playing the violin for almost a decade and have been a member of the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra for 3 years and been involved in a string quartet/piano quintet for 3 years as well. With the orchestra, we toured around Spain last summer for 2 weeks. I also played field hockey all four years of high school and was a varsity captain my senior year. I was also involved in FBLA. I love spending time with people and socializing so I am so excited to meet you all very soon 🙂 IMG_8759