Chicken Coop Company Culture

The environment that is in the Google office is an interesting take on company culture. As we were able to see with EY, they prided themselves on the people who work for them and the connections they have created amongst themselves. A similar but alternative approach to company culture was found within Google where they focused on an improved culture through their workplace environment. The comfortable atmosphere was aimed to enhance their progress and innovation. The company also made a huge focus on inclusiveness among their employees. From referring to their employees as Googlers to give the community feel, they also expanded it to other names like Nooglers or Gayglers to create inclusive groups. Although it may seem unusual to give quirky names to employees, Google is widely open to different advancements like this that they believe will improve the company and employees work habits. It won’t be long for other companies to pick up on some of the innovations Google has already introduced; they are powerful thinkers to innovate the workplace through creativity.

In addition to Google’s company culture, they also focus strongly on the open systems theory to increase economic development in the area. As the emphasized, the goal of the company is to organize the world’s information by making it universally accessible. Google is working within their surrounding Pittsburgh community to provide equal access to the amenities they provide and they do this by establishing public wifi spots for lower-income communities and supporting entrepreneurs. Not only will this help the residents immensely by giving free internet access to a world of information, but it also allows even more people to use their product. The support of entrepreneurs is not surprising either; having more successful businesses in Pittsburgh only helps the city become a larger technology and innovation hub than it already is. With such a massive company, I am not surprised to see them take large steps towards economic development surrounding their offices. Tying this all back to stakeholder management, their customers will be happy to see Google engaged with the lower income communities and building up entrepreneurs.

All-in-all, the experience at Google was beyond anything I could have expected. Although some of the amenities they had within they office may have seemed frivolous, I highly admire their push towards giving the workplace a flip from what we are accustomed to.