Googlers are Real

Said by a Googler himself, and known as a general fact, being hired by Google is a hard accomplishment.  To become a Googler is, therefore, an honor and a privilege. As the company greatly encourages individuality, self-expression, and creativity, their employees can still be grouped together because of their careers as Googlers. This group of people is passionate about their work, and it is common to hear about them working past the normal work-day hours. In the sense of passion, I believe they are similar to employees of other companies, even in different industries. However, concerning company culture, there is a vast difference. The environment of a Google facility sets the company apart from all others. We’ve all seen the movie “The Internship,” right? Napping pods, swirly slides, rock walls, galore! It is the same in real life. Although the Pittsburgh location does not include the exact same amenities as pictured in the movie, they carry the same idea with their unique environment. As we walked through the office today, we observed an indoor cave, which provided private and quiet spaces, a giant cargo net hanging from the ceiling for people to lay and work, old-school arcade games, and an area dedicated to massage therapy. Oh, and chickens! Googlers are allowed to and encouraged to work the way they feel the most comfortable and take advantage of all the ways to clear their minds.

Besides organizing the world’s information to make it universally accessible, Google is deeply invested in economic and community development. Despite how far globally Google can reach, the partnerships start in the local neighborhoods. Entrepreneurship defines the future and Google recognizes its importance. They aid start-ups with their business goals and continued success. Google also recognizes education as an essential foundation and invests in good schooling for young minds. The public services they provide are not surprising because they are helping to grow the economy, which, in turn, helps themselves. Google aims to help potential talent get on their feet and watch them grow. By interacting with their neighbors and partners, the company keeps the community happy and, most importantly, creates loyal consumers.