Back to America

Hey everyone! I am back home in America and am missing my time in Sydney already. Adjusting back to east coast time has been hard and I have been catching up on a lot of sleep after a jam packed six weeks abroad.

Overall, I had a great experience in Sydney. I met so many great people form all different schools with whom I was able to explore with. I was able to experience some great things while abroad including touring and dining at the Sydney Opera House, visiting the Blue Mountains, attending two Australian Football League games, surfing, and more. Out of these things, visiting the Blue Mountains was my favorite. Hiking through nature viewing the beautiful and breath taking scenery is something that I will not ever forget. I also enjoyed going to the Australian Football games. It was fun to experience a sport that I did not even know existed prior to my trip. Learning the rules and seeing how the most popular sport in Australia is played was something that was very enjoyable. All these experiences are things that I would have never been able to do if I had not participated in this study abroad experience. Being able to do all of these amazing things helped me to grow personally. Living on my own and traveling throughout a new country has helped my independence and will.

Academically, I have grown through all of the knowledge that I gained in my Sports Marketing class. I learned a great deal about sports all over the world and how they are marketed to various consumers. This knowledge that I gained in this class will help me greatly as I continue to take additional marketing classes at Pitt.

Professionally I have grown by being able to complete my first internship. This allowed to to get valuable work experience that I can put on my resume and talk about during interviews. Working a job from 9-5 was tough for me, but I am glad that I was able to get through it and learn a lot in the process.

Going into the study abroad experience I expected for it to be something that I would never forget. My time in Sydney lived up to those expectations without a doubt. Well this is my last post. I enjoyed documenting all my experiences. After my amazing time in Sydney, don’t be surprised if you see me back blogging for another study abroad trip in the future! Signing off!