Aeronics and Business Pitches

In class today, former Pitt engineering student and CEO/Co-Founder of Aeronics, Blake Dube visited us and discussed his entrepreneurial adventures and his past at Pitt. It was fascinating to learn about a different approach into developing a start-up as Mr. Dube is an engineer. Aeronics’ value proposition is developing products that help people across the spectrum of lung function with portable and accessible oxygen. He uses a property of oxygen where oxygen collects on surfaces, so oxygen is more populous near surfaces than in the air. Dube and his team developed a way to maximize surface area within a pressurized canister, therefore providing a product that contains three times as much oxygen as Aeronics’ competitors. By using his resources, discovering a market in need, and collaborating with others to bring his idea to reality, Mr. Dube is a true example of entrepreneurial spirit. Alongside his presentation, Mr. Dube provided our class with advice on presenting pitch, and the importance of developing one’s ability to present as business pitches are common practice in the world of business.

After his presentation, I felt slightly unprepared to pitch my own product idea to the class. When I presented, I felt more confident in myself and my ability to translate my idea from my own perspective onto the rest of my peers. I enjoyed seeing the pitches given by my other classmates, and how we were able to assess certain industries and determine ways to improve upon them. I know that I can definitely develop my skills in both designing and presenting slideshows. Overall, I appreciated today’s learning experience, and look forward to tomorrow’s visit at KPMG.