Book Wanted: GDPR for Dummies

People are in a mad rush to learn about GDPR. “GDPR? Whatever is that initialism?” GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are sweeping the EU right now, after being publicized in 2016 and coming into play on May 25, 2018. At first, I didn’t really realize what they were; I just noticed I had to agree to a site’s data storage before entering every time I visited a new website. And to be honest, I still don’t really know what it is. I know that when it went into affect, anyone on our company newsletter had to agree to be apart of it again or their information had to be deleted. I know that we have to shred things with peoples’ information, always. But other than that, I’m still getting used to new EU policies that affect my sector (even though it’s been over two months).

It’s also been interesting how much other countries’ politics (especially those in the EU) have been shaping Ireland lately. BREXIT has caused a lot of companies to start relocating here for the language accessibility and the low corporate tax rates. These companies in turn are just some of the corporations that have started to sign-up for Team Impact Days, which really allows for the community to gain another bit from their arrival. There has also been the push to complete the Sustainable Development Goals as a country, while corporations have been working on their Corporate Social Responsibility plans by volunteering. We’ve also launched a new program here called Cook Together, Eat Together, where we will link up 6 to 8 employees with 6 to 8 marginalized groups, such as people who suffer from addiction or mental health issues to refugees. Event Volunteers, another one of our programs, has been attracting volunteers from all different walks of life and all different nationalities.

Our piece of the volunteer management sector has also been implementing itself not only within the corporate environment and the human rights environment, but we’ve also been working towards doing more formal research about volunteering. There has also been research with EU partners in places such as Italy and Croatia that have been working with us to develop new ways to train volunteers. We’ve also been approached to do more work with environmental awareness workshops and Team Impact Days.

With so many intertwining local and global connections here, it’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight!