7/27: Pitch with Charge!

Today was the final class and the final day in Pittsburgh in the Woodcock Global Honors Study.  In the morning, my group, Charge! had to present to our teachers and our peers. Because it was the second time around, I knew what I had to work on to make my presentation go smoother.  I believe it worked.  That being said, since it was only my second presentation, I still need a lot more practice before I feel confident in my abilities.  This was definitely an improvement though.  The skill of presenting is about communication.  Other ways the pitch skills could help me is innovating and thinking on my feet.  Because we are only given three days to prepare, people need to think and solve problems quickly.  And I do believe that the ability to solve problems and communicate via public speaking is transferable to jobs, including my first internship.  That being said, since it is an internship, I should be careful not to ruffle any feathers, but yet have the ability to challenge the norm if it improves productivity.

This leads me into what we did after the presentations.  Nancy, who worked for Berlin Packaging in supply chain management, said that process enhancements won’t always arrive because of the environment and culture.  If I work for a corporation that approves of new decisions and ideas, then I will mention ways that can increase productivity and save money, if not, then I will keep my mouth shut.  Nancy was very useful as she gave me a better understanding of what supply chain does.

Final takeaway: Give me Ireland