Changing World View

A huge part of understanding the Dublin culture includes understanding culture in general. We touched on it briefly back in Pittsburgh, but being able to learn about the culture from our professor in Ireland, Dr. Darren Kelly, helped put everything into perspective. As a general definition of culture, Darren stated it as “Everyday human behavior that is unthought”. A major part of the global business if being able to embody many different cultures. With the many different work cultures that exist, it is crucial adapt and work for the group, rather than your own accustomed work style. Acknowledging how you are perceived by others in different cultures can help greatly for how you can work like others.

Our group was lucky enough to visit Google again, but this time we toured the Dublin office, which is the headquarters for the EMEA. It was very interesting to observe the changes between both offices and how they function even though they belong to the same company. With Google Pittsburgh, an engineering-oriented office, we noticed it was very open-ended regarding their work. Their workers switched between projects at hand and they were not too worried about meeting deadlines. The Dublin office, on the other hand, was much more regimented in their work. Although they had the opportunity for side projects, they mainly worked to meet their quarterly goals and work through their manager. This makes sense because an office as major as the Dublin one must run efficiently since they are dealing with many countries at once. Seeing the Dublin office and the business side of Google definitely changed my perspective on the company and employee work ethic. I have a much higher respect for their work and have gained an interest in interning there, it also has me questioning how many of my first impressions were wrong about all of the company tours.

Today was a very interesting day because I loved hearing Dr. Kelley’s perspective and lecture. He was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable; I wish I had a class with him for a whole semester. The transformation of the Silicon Docks into what it is today was very fascinating as well. The change of economic development and progress within such a short amount of years seems physically impossible. Learning more about Dublin each day is incredibly awesome, I hope I continue to be surprised.