Dublin: Day 3

Our guest speaker today, Dr. Darren Kelly, is a professor with a vast knowledge of the urban and globalization of Ireland in the last four decades. Having lived through the economic rise and the fall in 2008, he was able to paint an incredible picture of Ireland’s accession into a European power and economic giant. He discussed the housing markets, the creation of jobs, and most notably, the free university attendance!

Dr. Kelly provided a perspective that gave the group a clearer image of the Irish people and their role in the European Union and ultimately throughout the broader world. After today I feel I understand the business practices of Dubliners better and what influences their decisions within the world market.

We also visited Google today. While the visit was much shorter than the headquarters located in the city of Pittsburgh (due to our large group), Stephen was able to open the door to opportunities that exist within the company for business majors by answering all of our tough questions during a Q&A in the cafeteria. The Pitt office is much more focus on engineering and computer science, a direct contrast from today’s site visit. Stephen explained the different marketing, sales, and profit-management positions the exist within the Dublin sector of the company. This was particularly notable. I now feel like maybe one day I could be a Googler!

After the Google visit we were able to explore the center city of Dublin further. Us girls had dinner at a local pub (fish and chips and seafood stew!) and strolled through the many bustling streets to finish off the night. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!