Unpettable Sheep

Another great tourism day leads us to the towns of Glendalough and Kilkenny. Before we reached either of these cities, we took a surprise detour to a local farm. There we heard from a local herder and his family about how he raises his sheep and farm. We were able to witness the dogs herding the sheep and the process of raising. A way I can see it adapting to class was how after wool declined in profit, they had to find alternative ways to make money, so they introduced tourism into their business mix.


After visiting the farm we then traveled to the small town of Glendalough and hiked through the Wicklow Mountains. Like the other nature spots in Ireland, it was breathtaking to be a part of nature and see the mountains in person. I almost feel bad for sounding repetitive in the blog posts when I am describing the nature and scenery, but all of the sites have been incredibly breathtaking beyond words. Viewing the water between two mountains seemed unreal and the photo could not do the site justice. I still cannot imagine leaving the beauty of Ireland in a few days.

Followed by some more driving, our next two hours were spent in a town called Kilkenny. Known of the successful hurling team, it was interesting to see all the pickup games and shops that went along with the sport. Since it was an Irish holiday, there were not too many shops to explore. Nonetheless, we were still about to eat an amazing meal and find a few stores. Kilkenny reminded me a lot of Galway and I wish I could spend more time in both the towns; they both were lively like Dublin but had more authentic Irish culture. All in all, it was a very good day by the end of it, I never imagined seeing sites like this.