Botanical Gardens

We spent today in the classroom and in the Botanical Gardens of Ireland. The grounds of the gardens were gorgeous! All around there were glass conservatories full of vibrant flowers, lush green trees, and leafy palms. All around the grounds the landscape was dotted with beautiful flower beds and succulent designs. The girls and I spent the entire time exploring and we even got lost a few times because the site was so large!

Truthfully, I do not really understand what these gardens had to do with Irish culture. While incredibly beautiful, there were very few display cards that gave meaning to the flower arrangements we were seeing. I enjoyed them nonetheless!

While I really enjoyed our excursion today, it was not my favorite of the trip by any means. I have preferred our visits to towns or the beautiful sites around Ireland rather than a museum, which is what I felt like the Botanical Gardens were. I can easily become detached and distracted in museum-like setting. I am the type of person who needs to keep moving and be constantly engaged with an excursion to fully enjoy it and I found today’s visit rather boring in comparison to other adventures we have been on. Thus far, my favorite excursion remains the trip to Howth. I loved the hike and the scenery!

I definitely am going to make effort to learn more about how local gardens preserve culture in a city. I think one of the main reasons I was not too fond of today was because I really do not know much about plants or what it takes to create a landscape. With that knowledge I would’ve enjoyed today and future gardens a lot more!

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