Weekend in Wuhu

Hi Everybody,

I just got back from a trip to Wuhu which is in the Anhui province. I would think that almost all Americans have never even heard of this city. It is a city without any tourist sites, it’s not particularly large and there isn’t a ton to do. So the question is why would I go?

Wuhu is my roommate’s hometown and he really wanted me to try the food, to see his hometown, and to meet his family. We traveled by the speed train which is definitely my favorite way to travel in China. Unlike planes, which are constantly late, the train is always on-time. Also when taking the plane, you have to show up really early and go through security, all while fighting through long lines. With the speed train you can show up 20 minutes before the train leaves and be perfectly fine. The trains have very comfortable seats and places to charge your electronic devices. The train also tends to take you to the center of the city while the airport sends you to the outskirts.

Anhui is such an interesting place to me because of how normal it is. It was my first time going to a small Chinese city that lacked any outside influence from tourists. This means that many people came up to my roommate and I to ask about where I was from and why I was there. This also meant that I had to take pictures with people and had to watch other people take pictures of me from far away.

We spent the 2 days in Anhui looking at the different lakes and the gorgeous yellow trees. Although it was great to meet his family it was also a little uncomfortable. One of the challenges that I have faced in most small cities in China is that I don’t believe they had ever met a foreigner before and they seemed really timid to talk to me. On top of that, they only really spoke their local language which was extremely hard for me to understand. The highlight of the trip was definitely all of the great food. My roommate’s family cooked a lot of great food for me included baked duck and blood. We also tried some of the local specialty which included rice noodles and a weird red bean and rice drink. It was awesome to see what living in rural China is like. My time in China is almost over and while I am excited to go home I know I will miss China and all of the people here.

Be back soon,