And thats a wrap mate!

Well, that went fast. It’s been two weeks since my study abroad program has ended. It wasn’t easy leaving a place that I grew to love so much. Also it was so hard saying goodbye to so many friends that I grew so close with. But after spending a week in Queenstown, New Zealand it was the perfect sendoff to the best semester of my life.

I really feel that is semester has changed me as person for the better in more ways than I anticipated. It not only helped me advance as a student, but also as a business professional and overall person. I became more independent and feel like I can travel anywhere I want to go. Before coming to Australia I had never been on a plane for more than 2 hours. I can honestly say now after my 25-hour travel day home to Buffalo, NY I can go on any plane for any duration of time.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my experience abroad and made it possible in the first place. I grew as person because I opened up my mind to new cultures and experiences. Even from post to post on this blog I’ve noticed differences about myself as a result from my time abroad. After all this time to reflect about my experience one thing stood out that I didn’t anticipate as much, I learned to appreciate who/what is important to me. After coming home and seeing all my family and friends I hadn’t talked to, has made me love Pittsburgh even more.

I grew academically and professionally too. I made it through and was able to balance the internship with my classes. My classes really challenged me at the end because it was more concentrated with writing than anything. My internship also consisted of writing so I have really advanced my writing skills, which were not my strong suit. That being said I want to bring all these skills that I gained over there and bring them back to Pittsburgh. Also I want to be involved with the study abroad office and spread the word of how great of a decision I made. There were so many lessons and tips I learned that I’m glad to share to other students, and lucky for them they can read this blog for some takeaways.

I already miss it and would go back in time if I could. Once again thank you for everyone who made this possible!