Looking forward

There are certainly several goals which I want to achieve during this semester in London. From my own pleasure, I absolutely want to enjoy the food, famous dramas and wonderful scenery here. I have to admit that the most detailed plan I have made before departure was the list of some must-try menus such as Lobster Roll in Burger & Lobster, afternoon tea in The Ritz, egg benefit in the Wolseley, have dinner in Igloo in Coppa and enjoy the sunrise at Duck&Ruffle. Actually I have already tried the first on in my wish list. There is an amazingly surprising news for me is that both The Ritz and the Wolseley locates at the Green Park Station where I come there for transfer every day with internship. I plan to watch Pegga Pig, the Phantom and The Lion King in the following months. I am also considering my traveling plan during the spring break. Maybe I will go to visit Edinburgh and Dublin in Ireland.

If illustrate my goals in a more formal way, I wish that I could learn from the different business styles due to different cultures. I once knew a little about the Chinese’ perspectives in business through the internship last summer and studied in the American classrooms. It will benefit me if I could have the chance to know more about the London style, especially which London is one of the largest international trade centers. I am trying to pursuing the CPIB meanwhile because those courses listed mostly is related to my intended majors now. All of the courses I take this semester include of a  project named “Globally networked learning” which required us to cooperate with those students in Sydney. I believe that this project would help me gain more benefits from a broader vision for business. 

As an international student, I don’t want to be limited in just my home country so that I am desired to chase the chances which could spread my vision and enhance my personal skill. I want to be a more adaptable and competitive person in the global human markets. My boss in my latest internship encouraged me that I’d better grab the chances when I was still a student and tried as many different industries as I could. I worked in a company in the manufacture industry last summer. That was tiring because I watch the formal employees there worked until two or three am and then went back to the company again at nine am. Hence, I chose to do the internship within this program. I suppose that the internship in different industries help me figure out my real interest in my future career plan. I expect that the experience to study and intern in a new place could help me take advantage in my future studying and employment. I consider this chance as both an empowerment and proof of my cross-cultural communication skills and flexibility.