Travel, Travel, and more Travel

When I first decided to travel abroad to London I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to travel within Europe as well. While there are so many cities and countries I want to visit I know I can’t hit them all in my short time here.

I have been able to travel to many different cities thus far including: Paris, France; Nice, France; Monaco; Barcelona, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Sintra, Portugal. Every city has its own culture and each had its own special touch. Luckily, I still have two more months to travel to even more countries! I’m sure I’ll find some time to come back and travel as well because now I am hooked.

Out of these countries, Portugal has been my absolute favorite country so far. If I could go back right now I would. The country was very relaxing, welcoming, and overall beautiful! The streets were cobblestone and very steep, which gave us a good workout! It was very easy to walk throughout the country as well. They still use old electrical cable cars which were very antique inside.

Traveling within Europe has been easy to plan and fairly inexpensive for the most part. I have traveled via Eurostar, train, and plane. When preparing for a trip I booked my mode of transportation and my temporary housing a few weeks in advance.

While traveling, the biggest obstacle was the different languages we faced. Luckily, most people know at least a little bit of English in every country we visited; however, it would have been helpful to know the language of the country we visited. Throughout each trip I picked up on a few key words that helped with communicating. We even had some locals come up to us and asked if they could practice their english to us and help them!

My best advice for anyone who is going to travel is to look up key facts about the country you are visiting. For example: what language do they speak, what do they use as public transportation and how do you use it, is there a pick pocket problem, what currency do you need. Make sure you know your plans before you go to that country but leave some time to find random stuff to do! Travel as much as you can, but budget because the cost builds up very quickly.

Time to get back to schoolwork, but I can’t wait to share my other adventures I have the second half of my semester!IMG_6545.JPGIMG_5758.JPG57254938906__364F93F5-1823-493F-9A09-3557D5A30BC9IMG_4296.JPG