Settling In

As I finish up my first week of classes, I find myself starting to settle into a new life in Buenos Aires. It’s hard to believe that I’m finally here! I’ve known that I wanted to do this program for over a year now, so it’s surreal to actually be in BA.

Going to Pitt, I’ve always had the peace of mind knowing that I’m only two hours away from home (Erie, PA). With that being said, the 10 hour flight to Argentina was definitely a big step for me. Although it was difficult to leave my friends and family back in Pennsylvania, I’m excited to have the opportunity to set off on my own. Throughout this semester, I’m hoping to become more independent and capable living away from home. Being in a new country, I am required to do a little bit more problem solving on a day-to-day basis. My main personal goal is to return to Pitt next Fall feeling more self assured in my ability to face new challenges once I graduate.

Now that I have actually completed my first week of classes (ironically at the same time as my fellow Pitt students are enjoying Spring break),  I have a good sense of how my academics at the Universidad Austral are going to compare to the courses that I’ve taken at Pitt. Although I declared an International Business Certificate (IBC) my Freshman year, I haven’t really taken any international-related courses up until this point. Considering that fact, I’m especially excited to study International Marketing and International Economics, two classes that will allow me to complete the IBC. It has also been interesting to take these courses alongside my internship with an Argentine company, and see how all of this information can be applied in a real business setting.

I believe that one of the best aspects of the Global Business Institute: Buenos Aires program is that it matches students with an internship at a local company. As a Marketing major with an IBC and concentration in Spanish, I can’t think of any better professional experience than that of what I will be doing this semester. After finishing up my first week with Social Impact Consulting, I realize that I going to be putting a lot of my Spanish into practice. A skill that I hope will help me professionally, a goal that I have is to reach Spanish fluency. Aside from this, the actual work that I will be doing applies to something that I’m really passionate about- sustainability. Because of this, I also aim to use my personal enthusiasm to inspire the marketing projects that I will be working on.

After only a week, I’m already so excited (and a little nervous) for what is to come! As I continue to face new challenges and experiences, I’m looking forward to documenting it all on the Pitt Business to the World blog!