Top 3 Sites to Visit on Your Trip Across the Pond

Since being here I’ve gone to some pretty neat places! I would have to say my top three sites to see when you come over here are Greenwich, Notting Hill (specifically the Portobello Market), and finally Hyde Park. I’m going to start off with Greenwich because it is such an interesting place full of interesting history. When I first visited Greenwich, I didn’t really pay attention to all the little details the tour guide told us but, when I went a second time for a field study I fell in love with it. We go to tour the Royal Naval College where almost 3,000 pensioners lived. The whole courtyard area was designed to rival Versailles. All the buildings are so detailed and ornate it’s breathtaking. There is also the first spiral staircase in the country (the queens tulip staircase). At the top of the hill you can get a really good view of Canary Wharf where the prime meridian is. A day trip to Greenwich is definitely a must see! A few weeks after I arrived here my friend Yash and I went to the Portobello Market in Notting Hill. This was my first market that I’ve ever been to and honestly it was so cool. There were endless vendors lining the streets selling everything you could imagine from vintage cameras to leather books to freshly squeezed juices. Yash found a ring she really liked but, it was too big for her. Just as she put it back down the vendor offered to resize it for her on the spot, for free! You don’t get that kind of service at Kohls. After walking for a few more blocks we decided to go to a café and get a bite to eat because we were starving. We ended up getting a proper English breakfast and it was probably the best breakfast I’ve had here. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the beans had so much flavor packed into them. For those of you who don’t know what a proper English breakfast is, it consists of bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, toast with butter, sausage, and baked beans (see photo). It is also paired with coffee or tea. Great experience, I would recommend anyone to try it who comes over here! Lastly, a really great place to escape the concrete lined streets is Hyde Park. Hyde park is located about a mile away from my flat so it is super accessible for me to get to. If you like dogs then this place should definitely be on your list. Anytime I run through it, there are so many dogs just walking next to their owners without a leash on. I thought if this were to happen in America the dogs would be going crazy and running all over the place, the dogs here are so tame and well trained. Kudos to the English. This park has so many paths I haven’t run on the same path since I’ve been here. On a sunny day here, the grass is lined with people having picnics, sun tanning, or playing sports. There you have it the best three places, in my opinion, to visit when you come to London. Cheers for now!fullsizeoutput_108d.jpeg