Where do I live?

I am originally from India where I live with my family including my grandparents. I study in the United States and have been there for about 3 years now. I have lived with different roommates every year and this has been an amazing experience. However, I have stayed with only one roommate in a double. Now, coming to Australia, I have been living in with three roommates. So, I have lived in every way possible.

I am currently living in the Oaks Goldsborough Apartments in Sydney, New South Wales. The location of this accommodation is very good because it is right by the Darling Harbor. There are convenience stores, grocery stores, university building, restaurants, bars, and many other places within close proximity. You can walk to all these places. I am living with three other roommates as I mentioned before, and they are great people. No, they are not from Australia. However, they are from different universities in the United States. Two of them are from University of Pittsburgh, the same university as mine (I did not know them before I arrived here) and one of them is from University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

The hotel has a swimming pool, sauna, and gym but I have used them only a couple times since there is so much more to do in the city. Their facilities are very good. We get room service once a week where they come and clean the entire house of two bedrooms, hall, kitchen, and laundry room. They replace towels, toiletries, and also wash all the dirty dishes for us. 

I really haven’t faced any challenges in the accommodation as yet and I look forward to the following weeks. However, I know a few people who are having issues in their rooms. Some of their rooms have had broken air conditioners (it is very hot in Sydney) because of which they have had to change rooms. We have a broken closet in the room, but it doesn’t bother us a lot. The best thing about my room is the view. It is so pretty! Another favorite thing about it that the closets have full mirrors and it is opposite my bed. The first thing I see when I wake up is myself in the mirror right from the bed. 

There is another accommodation closer to the University building which is called Urbanest. Everybody said that they have better rooms and a better location. However, I am pretty content with my room and roommates.