Welcome to Longridge Road!

I’ve been living in London for a little over a week now and I am honestly surprised with how well I have adjusted, especially with the five-hour time difference. After a long day of class or work at my internship, I am excited to come back to my home for four months. I’m living in Earl’s Court, which is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. My friends that have come to visit have said that my apartment is really nice, and I lucked out with my housing assignment.


My roommates Hannah and Laura!

I am living for five other students who are also studying at CAPA, making six of us in total. Three of my roommates are from the University of Minnesota, one is from Merrimack College in Boston, and one also goes to Pitt.  Living with that many people has been an adjustment. For one, there are only two bedrooms. Since they aren’t that big, the only thing that really fits inside of them is the furniture, which is a bunk bed, a single bed, and three wardrobes. With such little space, I feel like I can’t spend a lot of time in my bedroom. I’m honestly a little worried about how this will pan out for me in the future. When I study for exams or when I need to write a research paper, in order for me to do my best work I need to be sitting at a desk in my bedroom with little background noise. Since the flats are not equipped with desks, only a small kitchen table that seats four people, I will need to adjust and find a new environment in which I can complete my schoolwork.


Another thing that I have had to adjust to was the bathroom: there are only two bathrooms for the six of us. Surprisingly, working around each other’s schedules in order to not clash into each other in the morning was easy. The hard part about adjusting to the bathrooms in London for me is the lack of shower curtain. The shower/bathtub that I am sharing with my two direct roommates only has a small glass pane that extends until a little less than half the length of the bathtub. It has been a pretty strange adjustment for me to make, since when you’re taking a shower you feel very exposed to the room around you.


Other than those two things, I really enjoy where I am living. We are in the building closest to where classes take place, and we’re also right down the road from a Tube station. It also helps that Kensington is a neighborhood full of shops and things to see. I’m really excited to spend my next couple of weekends exploring my new home!



*Written on January 18