Full-Time Trip to London? Yes Please!

Imagining what my life would be like if I were to become a full-time resident in London, England is something I do nearly everyday. Ever since I was fully acclimated to the city, I have told my friends and family, “Once I graduate, I will apply for jobs in the UK.” London has become a second home for me and I could see it being my permanent home someday. The different opportunities the city has for me entice me more everyday to come back and live full-time.

So let’s say I do end up receiving a job in London someday and have the chance to move back, what would it be like for me? When I think about it, I usually picture this. I picture myself living just outside the main portion of the city (mostly because there will  be more affordable housing, London housing is EXPENSIVE). With living outside the city I could train into work everyday via the tube. The professional role I would like to have would include working within the supply chain department of the company. My hope would be to work within a role that gives me the opportunity to travel to different countries around the world. Because traveling within Europe is much easier when one is actually in Europe I feel as though I would have a better chance of getting a job that allows me to travel more if I worked over here.

Working in London would allow me to further explore the different boroughs of the city that I have yet to see. London is so big that being here for four months has not allowed me to even see half of the city. There are so many culturally diverse towns throughout England as well. Before arriving in London I had a list of cities and countries to visit throughout Europe and I have not even hit a third of my list. London is full of people from all different places and cultures. Everywhere you go you can meet someone new from somewhere new and learn so much about them.

Living and working in London is my sole goal once I graduate from Pitt. Traveling to all the places I have yet to see and meeting new people everywhere I go would be a dream come true in my book. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to fulfill this goal and come back to my second home once again.