Must See Sites in London

One of the things that makes London so unique as a tourist destination is its prominent ties to the past intertwined with its progressive and cosmopolitan cityscape. Having spent over three months here, I feel as though I am qualified to recommend destinations in the city that epitomize this unique blend of past, present and future. First of all, one of the top three sites in the city that represents London’s link to its past and heritage is the tower of London. The Tower of London was built almost 1,000 years ago and is home to some of the most significant historical artifacts in the entire city of London. The most intriguing part about a visit to the Tower of London is being able to see the Crown Jewels. It is clear that heritage is important to London, as the city has preserved this extremely significant attraction for so many years. If you are visiting London, do not miss out on a tour here! Another must see site in London is one that represents the present state of the city. Camden Market is a bustling and diverse market place located in the northern part of the city. It is impossible to not find something that interests you amongst the endless rows of unique shops. The best part about Camden Market, however, is the selection of food. There are rows upon rows of stands serving street food ranging in origin from Chinese to Ethiopian to Italian and everything in between. Camden Market is a phenomenal way to spend a day in London and showcases the city’s current status as the most diverse city in the world through the wide variety of cultures expressed there. Finally, a final must see site in London is the Shard. The Shard began being built in 2009 and is now the tallest building in the entire city of London. Its unique design makes for a beautiful sight. Not to mention the view from the top floor of the Shard is absolutely breathtaking. The Shard is a look into the future of the city of London. It was funded by international investors and is home to the offices of many businesses. The building shows how London will continue to develop as a cultural and economic capital of the world. These three sites are all extremely different. However, they are must see attractions in the city and shed a light on just how intertwined London’s past, present, and future are in its landmarks.