Living in Paradise

If I had the opportunity to become a permanent resident in my study abroad location I would definitely take it. Living and working in Sydney has been a great experience, and the city is so clean and safe I can always enjoy it. In this situation I would definitely want to live in Newtown. Newtown is very centralized, a short train ride away from the CBD. Pyrmont where I currently live is a great place to live, located very close to the CBD it provides a convenient commute to work. Pyrmont however lacks any substantial green area, and is a very expensive place to live. Newtown on the other hand has more reasonably priced rental options. While living here I would like to work in the financial district whether handling monetary funds or taxes. During my time working with H&R block I have had the opportunity to use and read numerous Australian financial documents.

Being given this opportunity to read and analyse all of these documents has served to only further my interest in the differences between different countries financial systems. Differences such as Australia’s July to June fiscal year, their employee superannuation funds and even their tendency towards early adoption of financial technologies. Being able to see individuals and companies financial statements such as balance sheets and income statements has also given me insight into a number of business fields. A recent example of this which struck me was the income statement for a rental property and the massive variation in the prices at which people rented the property. It was enjoyable to see how a someone’s hours of work and coordination boil down to a small financial statement dictating the success of their endeavor. While this is certainly a pessimistic way of looking at things it is a compelling argument for making the most of your life. This belief carries well into my next point of what I would like to explore further culturally.

I have been able to explore and experience many parts of sydney culture but there are certainly parts I would like to further explore and join as a permanent resident. Among these I would like to learn more about the suburban communities and sporting. I have been given a taste of sport at an AFL game however I would love to become more involved if I were a permanent resident. Another area of Sydney culture I would love to explore and become a part of is the connection to the water that people have. I have loved exploring the sydney beaches and swimming, however I would love to try my hand at sailing in the harbor as it seems like a perfect, albeit difficult, opportunity.