Off to Berlin!


My name is Eva Lin, and I am so excited to embark on this journey to Berlin, Germany through the International Internship Program! I am currently a third-year student studying at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Political Science and Economics. I hope to use this experience in Berlin to fulfill my own professional goals, expand and explore my academic interests, and personally grow and engage with German culture. Outside of the classroom, I am involved in Pitt Program Council, the campus’ all programming board. This past year, I worked as the Public Relations Director, and developed a passion for marketing, graphic design, social media, and using the three as a creative outlet to better expand Pitt Program Council’s brand. This coming year, I have the honor of working as the Special Events Director, and will plan staple Pitt events for the next year, such as our Homecoming Laser and Fireworks Show, our annual campus concerts, and much more! My experience and involvement in this organization has opened my eyes to my interest and passion in event planning, working behind the scenes and day of for large scale events, and seeing long term projects come through.

As I continue to grow academically and professionally, I hope to find an intersection of my studies and my extracurricular experience in event planning and production. In Berlin, I will be working at a tax advisory law firm, with an emphasis on their contacts and clients abroad, specifically in Asia. At this firm, I will be working in marketing and event planning for these clients, which I believe is a good stepping stone for me professionally in applying what I do with Pitt Program Council. The International Internship Program greatly interested me as I have always traveled as a child, and am very interested in and experienced in exploring a vast expanse of cultures. I believe this program will also help me professionally in gaining international contacts for whatever career path I may choose, and continue to gain a greater global understanding, and further develop my professional skills and experience. I chose Berlin specifically because of my heritage and my cultural ties to the country. My father immigrated to New York in his 20s, and I was born in Germany and am a citizen of the country. However, over the years I have lost touch with my German heritage, and have only gone back to visit family once. I believe this experience will greatly benefit me personally, as it will help me to connect and explore the German parts of my identity in an independent way, and come to terms with it by myself, and for myself.

I am so excited to be heading to Germany, and cannot believe that in three weeks, I will be traveling to my new home for the summer!

More to come-see you soon!