A summer in Berlin awaits

Hello everyone! My name is Devin Bluemling and I am excited to announce that I will be partaking in the IIP Berlin program this summer! I am currently a sophomore in Pitt Business pursuing a double majoring in Finance and Accounting as well as a minor in economics. Furthering onto my education here at the University of Pittsburgh, I had the amazing opportunity last spring to study abroad through the Plus3 program in China. My time in both Beijing and Shanghai was one of the most impactful and amazing experiences of my life, and I believe that my trip allowed me to become a much more accepting and globally minded business student while also expanding upon my international business knowledge by having the amazing opportunity to explore the complicated US-China trade relationship through corporate site visits to cell phone manufacturer Xiaomi and the US Chamber of Commerce. Overall, the experience in which I had on my previous trip made me eager and excited to find explore another opportunity to study and cultivate my business and interpersonal skills abroad. On campus I am actively involved with the Sports Business Association(SBA) where I formally served as the Executive Vice President and Head of Finance and now currently serve as the VP of Special Events, Panther Equity where I currently work as Junior Analyst with the hopes of soon obtaining a senior analyst role, the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, and the Undergraduate Finance Club. Outside of my academic involvement I enjoy working out, listening to music, golfing, and drawing.

As a double major in finance and accounting I am still not 100% certain on the exact career path in which I want to pursue, however, through the amazing opportunity that I have had over the past year to talk with distinguished and accomplished business professionals via LinkedIn, the Pitt Business Mentorship Match program, and numerous job shadows I have found myself possessing interest in Investment Banking, Investment Management, Private Equity, Financial Advisory, and certain service lines within Commercial Real Estate. Thus, it is going to be an amazing opportunity in order to be able to participate in a full time 40 hour a week internship so that not only I can continue to gain some valuable real world experience, but so that I can also see what types of work I do and do not like.

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons that I have chosen to take part in the IIP Berlin program is that I believe that the opportunity to be able to partake in a full-time work experience in my relevant field of study while simultaneously immersing myself into a foreign culture has the potential to be one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I believe that the latter is what I am most excited about: pushing myself out of my comfort zone and learning to adapt in a global workplace. While in Berlin I will be working for Sirius Facilities GmbH which is a Commercial Real Estate firm that specializes in business parks and office space within the commercial real estate setting throughout Europe. I am ecstatic to be able to work with the Financial Controllers within Sirius in order to help to continue to build upon their recent success especially since my manager Mr. Diarmuid seems like he will be a great role model due to his past experience working in both Private Equity and Investment Management in the UK and the Middle East.

From a professional standpoint I really hope to gain valuable experience in which I can draw upon and utilize for my future career aspirations. Additionally, I hope to be able to learn how to interact and communicate in a complex and diverse workplace as from my interactions with my manager I have learned that the Sirius’s office in Berlin consists of Irish, Germans, and many other nationalities. Academically, I hope to be able to immerse myself in the work I am doing to not only gain a better understanding of the jobs present within Sirius Facilities, but also to hopefully be able to make meaningful connections to my accounting and finance coursework here at Pitt. Finally, I am extremely excited from a personal standpoint in order to really push myself out of my comfort zone, become more independent, and learn to appreciate the intricacies German culture. I firmly believe that the 2 weeks I spent in China was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, thus, I am excited to see what 2 whole months will do for me in Germany especially since I grew up in Pittsburgh and did not venture too far from home for college.

All in all, I am excited and ecstatic to venture off to Berlin, Germany this summer and for all the experiences that await!