Cheers London!

London is a city of a diverse group of people all living in one area. London is a global city with many opportunities to make a name for yourself. London allows people to do almost anything they could want. London is a city that never sleeps and when I was there neither did I. All I wanted to do was experience as much of the city as possible. Taking classes, completing an internship, traveling the world, and experiencing London was a lot to cram into 3.5 months. However, I would not change my decision to do all this ever.

While abroad I completed 12 credits while working 20+ hours every week at Pringle of Scotland. I also traveled to 7 other countries when I had a free weekend. When I was not in class or traveling I was exploring the global city to get a feel for the new home I was in.

Traveling to different countries allows one to grow as a person and become more responsible. Academically I was able to take a class that benefited my major and allowed me to delve deeper into the Supply Chain world. I also took a class that allowed me to travel throughout the city and learn what it takes to be a global city like London. Finally, I took a detective fiction class which allowed me to read fiction from different parts of the world and see how they are similar yet different.

Professionally, I completed my internship class while also working in the office. Throughout the semester I learned what it is like to work in an office with people of all backgrounds. In class I was able to develop my professional skills and my resume and cover letter.

Throughout the semester I learned many new things and developed as a person. I was able to explore different parts of the world that I would not have been able to do if I did not have the time in London. I met new people and made new friends. All together I will be able to bring my academic knowledge back home as well as my professional knowledge. The knowledge I learned at my internship will help a lot with my internship this summer with Amazon. Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and I believe every student should take the leap and travel as much as they can before we all graduate and start our careers.

That is all from me, Cheers!