A Week In Munich

This first week of work has been amazing. I arrived early Monday morning in Munich and headed right to the office I would be working in while in the city. The building is home to another one of the businesses a member of the Brili team owns, called Ysura. Ysura is a pharmaceutical software development company and everyone working there is incredibly welcoming and hospitable. I had the chance to meet a few of them and have lunch, which gave me some insights on the culture and way of life in Munich. After my first day of work, comprised mainly of getting everything set-up on my computer and going over the plan for the rest of the week, I was invited to a spectacular home cooked meal by my supervisors. I sat down with their family and was treated to a delicious home cooked schnitzel, white asparagus, and potatoes meal. The dinner was amazing and the company even better. There I met, Francis, the nice guy who offered up the extra bedroom in his house for me to stay. Throughout the week, I was treated to countless meals by my amazing supervisor Susanne and she was able to give me countless crash-courses on how to be a proper German in Munich.

After work every day, I went out and explored the city, sometimes with friends from work or Francis as a guide or just by myself. The city of Munich is truly an incredible place and the culture is amazing. Everyone is so kind and laid back, it differs from Berlin in that way. I got a chance to explore some beautiful areas like Marien Platz, Odeon Platz, and Rosenheimer Platz, which are all at the center of the city. On the weekend, I grabbed some breakfast at a Café overlooking the city with a friend from Brili. I also attended a wine tasting and spent more than my fair share of time at the Chinese Tower beer garden. That beer garden is incredibly well known throughout the world and is home to the Oktoberfest celebration. One of the best parts about that beer garden is its location in the incredibly beautiful English Gardens in Munich. I had the chance to walk through the lower part of the park and was completely astonished. Hopefully the pictures above do it a fraction of the justice it deserves. The entire weekend there was a Street Life fair going on in the downtown area, so I was able to sample food and music from countless different areas.

In terms of time management at work, it was quite easy to manage it all and prioritize my various tasks. At the end of last week, I spoke with my supervisor about what I would need to get done for this week and was given a schedule outlining what I would be doing everyday of the week. From day to day, I was also able to get a good sense of what my supervisors wanted me to concentrate most of my effort on from our daily morning meetings and lunches. We also worked directly across from one another, so I was easily able to ask questions, and make sure I was doing what needed to be done. At the end of the day, we would also wrap everything up by going through exactly what we worked on. I worked on a few things this week namely a competitive analysis of the industry, the reorganization of the old founder Pierre’s marketing files, and Brili’s social media platforms. It wasn’t hard to find work to be done, I was always planning for another meeting and working on their social media platforms during the time in between larger projects. Otherwise, the work environment at the office was very relaxed, everyone was extremely nice and courteous. Long lunches were the norm, and coffee/snacks were provided to us all.

 I am headed back to Berlin tomorrow and will start working with the other half of the Brili team there. Given all I have learned this week about Brili’s vision and the plan for the next two quarters I am excited to help anyway that I can. To be honest, I am also having some mixed feelings about leaving this city, I am not embarrassed to say that I’ve got a bit of a crush on Munich. Berlin was great the first week and I am sure I’ll have a lot of fun when I get back, but Munich has been such a great experience.