Old and New

This week we finally made it 203 meters off the ground to the observation deck of the TV tower just as the sun was setting. It was incredible to see the mix between modern and old architecture that makes up Berlin and how far the buildings span into the horizon. Even after being here for over a week and having to navigate through many different areas, the city still feels as big as it felt when we first got here. That is definitely one of the greatest things about the city in that there is always a new area to explore and limitless experiences to have. Even in areas where there seems to be less activity you can always find things to do.

            Most of our Saturday when spent in Potsdam, a small city on the border of Berlin that serves as the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. This area is starkly different from the bustle and energy of many areas of Berlin. With its lakes and historical landmarks, the city is far more tranquil and peaceful which was a nice break to have from the busier areas. We visited Sanssouci which served as the summer Palace to Fredrick the Great who was King of Prussia in the 16th century. With its bright yellow walls and French baroque style ornamentation, the Palace is one of the most eye-catching things I have seen in Berlin so far. The structure is set on the top of a hill and at the bottom of the hill is a large courtyard with a fountain. Following the courtyard is a path that extends the property into a woodsy area with other paths that lead to other buildings. We followed the paths to the other structures tucked away in the woods.

            The following day we visited the Berliner Dom, the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church located on Museum Island in Berlin.  Like the Palace this Church is extremely ornate with detailed gilding, Corinthian marble columns, colorful glass windows and magnificently tall ceilings. Beneath the ceremonial space was the crypt where many individuals of the Royal Family of Germany rest. There were at least 30 members of the family buried there. We then climbed over 180 stairs to get to the top of the Dome of the cathedral where we got another view of Berlin. We were able to get up close to the classical architecture of the building which was really cool.

            Overall the past week consisted of a lot more historical site visits which is really interesting to see in a city that is so modern. While it feels like any other city, it,  While not that much remains from before the war, these few places are definitely worth checking out.

            On the other end of things, I had my first full week of my internship which was also very exciting. So far I have been doing a lot of training in excel in preparation for architectural  reports I will be doing for different site visits in the upcoming weeks. In terms of managing my time, I have focused on trying my best to complete the excel assignments in a timely manner. Often times I try to strike a balance between focusing on solving one type of excel problem that  I may be stuck on and moving forward to other problems. I complete the assignments as wholly as I can by using online resources before asking questions. I also have found that sometimes it is much more efficient to simply ask my supervisor for the answer instead of searching online. I always make sure that I have my questions prepared and well defined so that I get the best explanation I can. I have also found it extremely helpful to actually write down bullet points when receiving feedback or suggestions from my supervisor so that I can easily implement and remember these suggestions. I also have saved a lot of time by making sure I know shortcuts on the program instead of having to use the manual alternative which is time consuming, Over time with practice I have been able to complete my tasks a lot quicker and identify solutions much faster as well. Like anything it takes time and practice to develop the required skills and habits to work efficiently in a business. Even over the course of one week I greatly improved upon my time management skills and work habits within a professional setting. I am excited to see where I will be at the end of the 8 weeks!